Do you want to boost your professional image, whilst helping people across the industry? Do you want present and future employers see you demonstrate your commitment to the surveying profession? Are you a student wanting to put a little something extra on your first CV? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then why not write an article, make a YouTube video or create a Powerpoint Presentation for Surveyors HQ?

The benefits are numerous, and take a bit of explanation. Let’s dive in…


  • Everybody who writes an article will get links back to their personal LinkedIn page. This helps employers find you, and at the same time associate you with something positive.
  • You can also raise the profile of your employer or independent practice with links to those pages as well.
  • You will be helping current and future chartered surveyors by putting information into the Google-sphere. When you publish articles on places like LinkedIn, they are harder for Google to find and index properly, partly due to the size of the site, but also because LinkedIn works best when you’re actually logged into it. The Google search bots can’t log in like you can.
  • Writing things down helps solidify the ideas floating around in your head. By taking the time to organize a concept or practice in your mind, you become a better professional.
  • You’ll be simplifying the labyrinthine world of RICS by allowing others to understand different specialisms.
  • You’ll be helping aspiring surveyors make smarter career choices, and securing the future of the profession.
  • …and a lot more I probably haven’t thought of! You can always let me know…

What Sort Of Thing Are We Looking For?

If it relates to surveying, it’s welcome. Here is a list of topic suggestions…


  • Public vs. private sector practice
  • CV/Resume tips – HR professionals/recruiters welcome!
  • APC & CPD tips
  • Working abroad
  • Big vs small firms
  • Becoming a partner
  • Going freelance
  • Different specialisms (QS, Buildings, Rural, Dilapidations etc…)
  • Best workplaces
  • Course/institution reviews
  • RICS vs RPSA membership
  • Membership of related professional bodies
  • Equipment & Apps
  • Networking events
  • AutoCAD tips
  • Funny (but clean!) anecdotes
  • …and anything else you can think of

You can submit written posts (with pictures is always better!), Powerpoint presentations (I can embed Google Slides or LinkedIn Slideshare presentations), YouTube videos, or anything else you think would work.


Written submissions are always better with pictures. Identifying details can be blurred out if needed. Having spent most of the last ten years as an English writing tutor, I’ve gotten quite good at spotting spelling and grammatical errors, so that will be checked and edited. I may also add headings for visual effect, but otherwise your writing will remain unchanged. Website/LinkedIn links go at the beginning of your article along with a short bio about you. I’ll make sure any links work properly.

Powerpoint Style Presentations can be accepted in either LinkedIn Slideshare or Google Slides format. This enables them to be embedded into a webpage. You will need to provide a short written summary to go on the page with the presentation as well. This allows Google to understand what it’s about.

Video Submissions are also a great idea. It’s as simple as pointing your smartphone at yourself and hitting record. You can edit your video with free software like Shotcut (Windows/Linux) or iMovie for Mac. If you need a little assistance, just ask. It’s a good idea to put your contact details as text on the screen at the beginning and end of the video. You’ll also need to write a short description of your video so Google knows what it’s all about, technology hasn’t yet reached the point where it can listen to videos and decide what they’re about!

Articles posted elsewhere cannot be re-published verbatim here. Google discriminates against duplicate content, meaning that the page you’ve already published on would have a harder time showing up in searches, and the SurveyorsHQ site likely wouldn’t register at all. You can use the same ideas if they are rewritten however.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Visit the contact page, and fill out the contact form with your contact details and your idea. I look forward to hearing from you!