ICMS – International Construction Measurement Standards

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How do you calculate this tower of costs?

Quantity surveyors and other professionals involved in costing construction projects surprisingly have no common worldwide standard for how they arrive at a given cost estimate. The International Constructions Measurement Standards Coalition (ICMS) aims to remedy this, by creating a standard method for industry professionals to follow. In the coming days, Ken Creighton, director of professional standards at RICS and a key figure in the ICMS coalition will be answering questions here for Surveyors HQ.


As a primer, here are two videos explaining the problems the ICMS aims to solve. The first video is a short informational clip, introducing the subject. The second video is a long form panel discussion between ICMS members. Once you have watched the videos (at least the first one, the second is almost two hours long!), then be sure to take a look at our interview with Ken Creighton for a deeper insight.


Video 1


Video 2



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