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After 10 years in South Korea, I am looking to return to the UK on a full time basis within the next year or two. However, although my current skills in English tutoring are in high demand here in the far east, this is not the case in the UK. So after considering my options and general aptitudes, I decided that retraining as a chartered surveyor would be a good choice. It is something I considered when I was younger, but for a few different reasons, didn’t pursue at the time. At the moment, I’m looking at a few RICS accredited MSc conversion courses back in the UK.

When considering my choice however, I found a striking lack of information about life as a surveyor, beyond the RICS website, and a few graduate recruitment pages. This does seem somewhat ridiculous for a profession that by all (limited!) accounts is crying out for new entrants. Surveyors HQ aims to remedy this. I’m looking to build up a significant repository of searchable information, regarding topics as diverse as different surveying specialisms, job hunting tips, APC & CPD information, career progression and much more. I want any current or aspiring surveyor to be able to type an industry-related term into Google, and find an informative, helpful result.

Given that I’m also in my mid-thirties, I’m also hoping that by running Surveyors HQ, I’ll be a more attractive candidate for employment when the time comes, both in terms of knowledge and networking. Having lived abroad for so long, I will have to pay inflated international student fees for a RICS accredited MSc conversion course. What this means for me is that I can’t afford to take a course, and then find that employers are not keen because of my age or career path so far.

If you would like to boost your own professional profile by writing an article (or making a video) for Surveyors HQ, take a look at the article submission page, then get in touch using the contact page or via my LinkedIn profile. You’ll get a link back to your own LinkedIn page, as well as to any other pages, such as a personal blog or employers website. The idea is that as you put your name out there, Google, and thus the world, will be able to find you.